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We Offer Top Restorative Facial Skin Care

Facial skin endures wear and tear, from sun exposure to acne, making it difficult to maintain even pigmentation and smooth texture. If these common problems have affected facial skin to a point that no amount of home remedies can correct, our Boca Raton maxillofacial practice provides solutions to rejuvenate your overall facial aesthetic. John T. Bowman, DMD, MD, offers facial care to minimize wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

Acne Treatments

Acne can be difficult to control, no matter what kind of home treatments you use to exfoliate skin. However, facial care from our Boca Raton maxillofacial surgeon can give your skin a boost to create vibrancy and improved cleanliness. We get to know your unique needs, whether specific acne troubles like blackheads or facial cysts have been bothering you. Our approach involves removing bacteria and dead skin, which allows for healing and reduced inflammation. A key component to clear skin is to eliminate obstructions that increase sebaceous gland activity. Teens and adults suffering acne in Boca Raton can restore their confidence and achieve clear skin through our professional acne treatment. 

Chemical Peels 

In Florida, individuals experience damage to their skin due to sun exposure. This only intensifies wrinkles, blotchy skin, crow’s feet, and facial scarring. Dr. Bowman offers chemical peels to remove layers of accrued skin damage. This treatment even encourages new skin to grow, which improves overall texture and smoothness. Chemical peels are an effective treatment to achieve a more youthful look without an invasive care. At our office, we have chemical peels of varying intensities:

Superficial Chemical Peels - This peel does not require any healing time before resuming daily activities. This quick treatment only affects the outer layers of skin and causes minimal side effects. Superficial peels can be used on all skin types and require no more than fifteen minutes. With repeated treatments, skin will appear tighter with improved tone and texture. 

Medium Chemical Peels - A deeper treatment offering more dramatic results, medium peels affect the face facial skin at a deeper level. With a different combination of active agents, the peel provides more comprehensive treatment of skin damage. After healing, your skin will look vibrant and uniform.

Transformative Facial Treatments in Boca Raton 

Dr. Bowman and his team look forward to cleansing your skin and removing the damaging effects of solar exposure and acne. Call us today for powerful skin treatments. 

Skin Care Price

Initial skin care consultation - Free

Superficial Peels - $115

After paying for 5 peels, the sixth is free

Medium Depth Peels - $600

Acne Care - $60 per visit

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